The Question


1 Who are you?.jpg

I stand at another new beginning, called a blog.
To help me understand the Caterpillar`s question.
In the last three months my life has taken a series of jumbles and tumbles.
Blindsided by a bicyclist.
Business swaying like cherry blossom branches in a monsoon.
People I thought close fading into the background.
My beloved and I having the most continual series of heated exchanges I have ever had with anyone, ever.
Having my blind spots uncomfortably pointed out. Not just once.
Feeling that all that I am is not all that worthwhile.

And now Spring.
In the last three days the entire three months of muck and mire has been transformed into a crystal clear cool oasis.
A course has been set.
A destination determined.
The You.
The Me.
Who is me?

Actually, I have been on this course for quite some time.
But it feels like there is a deeper impelling need right now to dig into the ground of my life in a different way. With a more awkward tool.
A tool that may reveal the me in a new light.
Or a new dark.
Either is okay.

Why not a journal?
Because a blog is open to the world to see and interact with.
Mutual, reciprocal action.
Or maybe just me typing out chains of conversation with myself.

Time to get digging.


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