Anywhere you are…

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This afternoon, while walking downtown, I encountered two people who had worked at a cavernous corner café where for two years I rented a second floor room to teach yoga. In that short time the staff and I established a very friendly and mutually supportive relationship. They would recommend clients to my classes and I would recommend students to enjoy the hospitality of the café and its delightful staff. The café closed at the end of 2012. Since then from time to time I would meet a former staff member by chance. I had not seen these two people in a while but still I was called out to and greeted with true warmth and joy. We had a brief exchange and when we parted I felt lightness in body and heart.

After arriving home Eri, my wife, told me a former student and fellow teacher contacted us to say he and his wife, who is an amazing chef, had made a cake for Eri and I in honor of the anniversary of our studio. I have not seen him that often since the birth of his son in 2014, because he takes care of his son while his wife works almost every day teaching others how to create culinary delights for both the palate and the eye. I admire the way he has shifted with ease from outside work to being a home dad, where I know he is reveling in his time with his son. He stopped by a few hours later, his son asleep in the back of the car. We chatted for mere minutes in front of my house but I was filled to the brim with happiness to meet him for even that brief time.

Two random encounters in one day with people I feel so good to be around.

Sometimes I forget that I am surrounded by so many good people who care about my welfare.

A simple random encounter with a person whose face lights up when they see you is a precious gift. Each person is a present, wrapped in their experience and individual persona. When we receive even a moment or two with that person, how much can we unwrap of them? Not in an analytical way, but instead in opening to their presence, words, gestures, etc. to receive their truth, whatever it may be in that moment.
And to love that truth as the being who conveys it.
“Truth” here is my way of indicating a person who is not covering up but instead allowing any normally erected barriers to be dropped. And then what appears is their fullness and beauty come pouring out. Over and over I have been fortunate to be shown this.

It is a reminder of the goodness that all beings possess.
I want to surround myself with that goodness and express that goodness to others.

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