Meetings of Purpose & Chance

6 Meetings of Purpose & Chance

Investigation begun.
Confirmed some of the things I had been told about the problematic person during a meet up with a particular person and now have a clearer idea of how to begin straightening out the situation.

Also randomly ran into a very kind fellow teacher who I had not seen in probably a year or more. It was good to talk with her and hear she was doing well.

During the walk downtown and from the station to my home I observed the small changes in the outer decor of buildings and the posters hung in windows and on walls. I reflected on the time I had spent in Japan thus far and how time was moving forward and transforming the world one moment at a time. Displays came and went, old paint refreshed, new paint faded, a bright shop full of aspirations gone dark, a once dilapidated building renewed.

We meet time in various ways. A tip of the hat, a good morning/afternoon/evening to you, an abrupt collision, a quiet merging, standing still as we welcome its embrace.

Time is the all-consuming force, not missing a scrap or the tiniest crumb. Every second is a possible life change. Every moment a potential beginning or ending. Every eye-blink is the passing by of time half-unseen, half-caught like the flitting shadow of a bird streaking across a window.

Circling around the drain.
Show me the way back home.
The road is long and never ends.
Dark is the heart that wanders.
~ Chris Cornell

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