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As of today this blog is still in journal form. I am the only one seeing it.

In a world where you can order anything and have it shipped to you the next day there are still many things that take time.

One of the things that is causing the rather snail`s pace of getting this blog up is the way companies are run these days. Rare is the ability to phone in for an operator and get questions answered in real time. Instead, companies are indicating on their site that you have to pay extra for such a service as to be able to speak with a live human being. Although you sometimes can get a live human being if you schedule an appointment?! So if you have something pressing you have to set up a time to talk about it, which means trying to find when one might be available then checking the hours of operation for this scheduled call service and if the company you wish to call is in a different country the time zone thing can be quite limiting. But of course you can always read through the list of FAQs or go to the “community forum” and see if you can find a thread that matches yours or just start one and see what happens.

There is a disconnect in the service world. Service is not about personal connection but about not bothering the company. Sometimes, when at look at the complicated sequences needed to go through to actually get in touch with a person who can answer your question it seems almost as if the idea is to cause the customer to not even try because of the huge amounts of time and energy needed to get to the answer. A person can just look at all of that and with a sigh of defeat turn their computer off.

Well now, maybe that convoluted maze of support does serve our best needs in the end.

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