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Turtle Love by Sam Dobson

So I am feeling pressed for time this evening, therefore I share with you a piece of my past that reflects my present with an eye toward my future.



clarity of mind
insight is found
in the spaces in between
the breath of sound knowledge
and the rise and fall of ego
drop the rat race system
from the cliffs of consciousness
the white light sea, of tranquility
roiling and boiling
churning up – the I
to expel – the me
and become – the we
of all I see
the third eye, why?
you ask how high
you couldn’t build the towers that could reach these heights
this room I occupy
is one of the mind
a space
a place
where neither religion nor race
displace, or matter
the Great Spirit chatters
and the words are silent affirmations
of blank pages
so stop looking for a story
a myth
to counter with
drop the satya
and check your karma
cause in effect
you want to know what’s next?
then lose the forward motion
and ride the wave
of today
and stop placing the blame
on yourself, someone else, your chosen god, the universe
take responsibility, suffer humility
and earn the ability
to flow with the knowledge
that life is a privilege
a kingdom of wonder
not to plunder
but explore, be alive
the survival of the fittest?
time to bring in the witness, so look in the mirror
am I making it clearer?
all that is divine
is right there
in you.

© 2003-2016

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