Weathering Emotions

11 Weathering Emotions.jpg

This morning the wind was fierce. It howled and made quite a racket. It brought to mind Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. In particular the image of Pooh holding tight to Piglet`s scarf as he was being carried into the sky like a kite.

That blustery day wind is a good analogy for strong emotions that suddenly surge. I think weather patterns of all types are fantastic metaphors for our emotions. Emotions change like the weather, with sudden temperature drops or spikes. We get a little frigid or we become very irritated. Rains come and we feel sadness or loneliness. Snow falls and there is quiet but maybe a sense of distance from others. The sun shines bright and we become joy and laughter and happiness.

These emotional weather changes often cause us to feel off balance. We are not at a comfortable temperature so to speak. Instead, we are complaining about the weather. To quote Piglet, “Oh Dear, I`m unraveling.”

We have to have a part of ourself that is holding steady. Like the image of Pooh holding steady to Piglet even as his scarf is coming undone. As my own emotional strings unravel, can I hold steady? Can I remain calm, like Pooh, and simply Do What Needs To Be Done?

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