Welcome Home

13 Welcome Home.JPG

Today my beloved returned after a week away.

I am very comfortable with being by myself. I like the emptiness, the non-pressure that comes from not having to sync with someone else`s rhythm. Though Eri and I usually do sort of move in our own individual rhythms, like two planets tracing ellipses in the universe of our home that often converge. We enter into each other`s gravitational pull and then there we are, two satellites that lovingly touch with a gentle bump or collide with an impact that knocks things loose to go scattering about.

With her around there are shapes and colors that I do not have in my palette. Images and words that would never be born otherwise. A mirror in which I get to see my reflection in a variety of ways.

We clash and crash, hug and dance, listen to music, work in silent concentration, eat and argue with enthusiasm, consider and discuss, laugh, irritate and meet each other`s gaze at times with nothing more than a smile that says, “I see you.”

I was happy to welcome her home.

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