Waxing & Waning

14 Waxing & Waning.jpg

The jougen no tsuki, “upper bowstring moon”, hangs in the sky.

The pulling back of the arrow. A gathering of potential energy in the drawing back of the string propels the arrow to its target. The stronger and more precise the pull, the farther and truer the arrow flies and the deeper it pierces its target.

How to gather my own potential energy is a constant contemplation. How to aim it in the most responsible way so that when I release the string of preparation my arrow of intention flies straight and true. To launch my creative power in the most efficient way. No hesitation in my actions.

In the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 50, the second half of the second line translates as, “Yoga is skillfulness in action.”

Maharishiji Mahesh Yogi was known to say, “Meditation is preparation for action.”

In meditation there is samadhi. The steeping of awareness into samadhic states is the merging with one`s own higher truth, the Perfect Self, the purusha, or contentless consciousness. An eye blink or a lifetime, that truth is the same.

Vyasa tells us Yoga Sutra I.2 indicates Yoga = samadhi.
Skillfulness in action arises from immersion into the ocean of samadhi. This is what I feel Maharishi meant. Consistent daily meditation is my preparation for more and more skillful action.

Targets are hit with a resounding thwack! that jar me awake to the truth of my own circumstances. At times that truth can be quite difficult to face.

I am nocking arrows and aiming high. Shooting the moon of my own consciousness in attempts to pierce myself with the truth that is so readily apparent beneath the veneer of the Who are you? that I can be so firmly attached to.

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