The Great Beauty

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I just watched a movie called The Great Beauty, set in Rome. The central character, Jep, is a writer, semi-famous from one book written in his early 20`s. Jep spends much of his time attending and throwing parties. He also has a fondness for wandering the streets, alleys and piazzas of Rome.

At one point he introduces a new friend, Ramona, to his long-time friend Stefano who “has all of the keys to the most beautiful places in Rome.” Stefano leads them to a series of spacious rooms holding statues and paintings nestled away behind locked doors and through winding pathways.
As the trio unhurriedly move from room to room, Ramona asks Stefano, “How come you have all these keys?”
Stefano answers, “Because…I am a trustworthy person.”

I love this idea of the keys needed to access places of extraordinary beauty being held by one who is trustworthy. It reminds me of a central philosophical idea that says there are levels of access in life. Of course we know this is true in all types of professions, that one often begins at an entry level position with the opportunity for advancement. But the access this particular teaching is conveying is the access to ourself. That we are only aware of a very limited part of ourselves. To gain access to the places of extraordinary beauty within us, we have to become “trustworthy.”

The word ‘trust’ is rooted in the meaning of “strong.” ‘Worth’ has a connotation of a thing or a person that is valued and is derived from Gothic and Latin words meaning “to become” or “to turn.” So trustworthy then has this root meaning of “becoming strong.”
The person who becomes strong within themselves is one who values themselves. It is this person that can be trusted.

I feel we have to first earn the trust of ourselves.
As I practice and seek to explore the space of myself in relation to everything around me, I want to cultivate trust in my own capabilities and decisions.
Am I making good decisions? Am I meeting my capacity in all that I do?
If I can consistently do those things then I will “become strong” enough to gain access to higher and more refined levels of my own capacity to act in the world. To gain additional levels of capacity is not merely about putting in the time but also having the permission, so to speak, to enter into that next level of achievement. Once access is permitted, my increased capacity has the space to activate and grow. It is like having the proper upgrade in computer software so that the newer programs will run with even more efficiency.

We hold all of the keys to our own extraordinary beauty. Beauty here meaning the shining forth of our inherent creative power in benevolent ways that convey goodness and nourishment to all beings who stand in the light of our shining forth. In other words, those who seek to receive what we each are here to give. Each of us can then shine forth supreme kindness and generosity and receive that conveyance from others as well. If many people in a group have each harnessed themselves to this intention, then it is like a group of generators both receiving power from each other and generating power for each other to receive.

Mutually reciprocal upgrading of the software of our consciousness! Access to new rooms within ourselves that are filled with exquisite works of art, so to speak, which become inspiration for us to inspire others.

2 thoughts on “The Great Beauty

  1. Mark, This is so beautiful. You are a great writer. I find this concept of trustworthiness very interesting. I have been feeling some subtle shifts within myself relating to this and you articulated it so beautifully. I have begun to embrace a fieriness within myself that I have been pushing down or trying to cover up. This is a part of me that exists. It has the power to transform and sometimes makes people uncomfortable. Finally I have realized that I do not exist to make things comfortable. I am here to transform and to add my fire to the world. If that were not true, why would I have this fire. What felt like a burden has turned and sits on a razor’s edge as a gift. I must give it light and by doing so I find I am responding…as you say…to myself and have been given access to a deeper part of myself. There is deep understanding and a kindness toward myself that I have not felt before. Thank you for helping me see it again in a deeper way. Keep writing, there is magic in it!
    Love and light,
    Amy Eldredge

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  2. Dear Amy,
    Thank You so much for your beautiful commentary and kind encouragement! Well said!
    So often we feel we have to act like others expect us to. Doing that can at times cause us to dampen or diminish our own creative fire in the name of, as you wrote, making others feel comfortable. We all do this to some degree. But as the light of understanding dawns more and more we realize exactly what you articulated so well: “I do not exist to make things comfortable. I am here to transform and add my fire to the world.” Yes! By doing that we do feel kindness toward ourselves as we are now giving ourselves permission to move in the direction and in the way we have always known would be best for us.
    Thank You again for sharing!
    Your experience helps me understand what I wrote even more as well.
    Mutual reciprocity of nourishing growth!

    Much Love,


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