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I was moving too quick from the living room to the kitchen today and BAM! hit my head on the head jamb of the door. Literally, I “jambed my head.” Hard. So hard that I bent over the sink, elbows resting on the ledge of the counter, head cradled in my open hands, just feeling the sensations of pain pulsing from the point of impact.

During the next few minutes I watched a parade of emotional responses go by: cursing myself, cursing the way Japanese houses are designed, feeling an immense anger wanting to rise and then allowing it to flash through me like a Summer lightning storm, humiliation at my perceived lack of awareness.

As quickly as it arose, all of that anger and self-loathing dissolved as if with an audible POP! sound. What followed the bile was nectar, the sweet nectar of a calm, grounded and spacious presence. And a bit of laughter and head-shaking at my quick descent into suffering.

Reaction hinders my ability to respond and supports the growth of limitations, contractions and low opinions of myself. It is a fascinating play, the play of my own consciousness as it merges and mixes with reality in a variety of ways.

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