In Between

22 In Between.jpg

A summer day in the best way today.

Biking around this city with the warmth of the sun soaking into my skin, immersed in the moment to moment experience of color and shapes, people`s faces, gestures.

Then that prior time becomes a memory of teaching and running errands and a destination of home where I will spend most of my afternoon refining teaching materials.

In this in between place, of completion and expectation, I am part of the everything around me. Life flashes by and I am enjoying the feeling of movement, of guiding my bicycle through narrow streets, houses and small businesses politely crowding the edges just enough to be noticed, just. Streets which quickly become less and less populated as I leave the downtown area and streak northward along quiet backroads.

My present is perfect in its emptiness of doing. Pedaling the bike is well worn muscle memory. Guiding the bike through these streets is second nature, invisible threads which gently draw me homeward.

Happiness is the flavor of this in between. Freedom gently arises within me to fill the spaces of my senses and open me to the wonder of each street corner, each splash of stillness and sound fanning out in the spaces around and within me.


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