To Know or Not To Know

Yoga should be a tool for understanding who we really are.
This means that our practice should actually dismantle our usual way of perceiving reality. However, many times the practice of Yoga, specifically the physical postural practice, solidifies our sense of limitation.
Because we do not truly know who we are.

So in Yoga we are on a quest. A quest for knowledge.
Not merely book knowledge, though that has value, but knowledge of the intricacies of our mental and emotional fluctuations.
We fluctuate because we are unsure of ourselves.
This leaves us open to opinions from others that can sidetrack us and divert us from our true purpose for being because we are unsure of our purpose. So we follow the opinions or the prevailing way of thinking, and we become mired in decisions that are not really based on our own knowledge and understanding but are rather the sum total of opinions of others that may or may not have any true value.

A thing of true value is a thing that proves its value again and again.
Which is why the teachings of Yoga still exist. If they had no value, no one would be attempting to put them into practice again and again and again.

But there has to be sequence and methodology to practice that enables us to move toward a more solid sense of purpose and intention. Without these things we will merely meander down our life path, often looking for the spiritual gas station to ask for directions over and over and over.
“Um…Excuse me. Which way to my higher Self?”

Teachers, Siddha Masters, enlightened gurus can all point the direction, trace the route on the map of our consciousness, so to speak, but we have to do the driving. It is this last part where so many decide to park the vehicle of practice and wander into the pachinko parlor of forgotten aspirations, never to return.

Yoga is a tool to be used to increase our knowledge, so we do not need to depend on other people`s opinions to make us feel like we are heading in the right direction. Instead, with great assuredness we step forward toward our life`s work to embrace the totality of knowledge that is the ground from which our life grows abundant and free.

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