Steady & Comfortable Seat

28 Steady & Comfortable Seat.JPG
I woke up 3 hours late this morning.
Which meant an orange eaten standing in the kitchen, gathering my things needed for the day into my backpack then out the door to the studio.

Still arrived with time to offer Ganesha some mantra love and prep the studio prior to the first class at 8:00.
After the class, a small bowlful of almonds. As I am munching and beginning to answer emails Eri calls in a tizzy. She is trying to get to her bus to Yokohama on time and has sent me a flier I need to look at right then and there and then print out.
So much for emails.

Next class, then finally my meditation practice that I missed because of my oversleep.
Since I had another class to teach in Osaka, which is a train and two subway lines away, I needed to get a good lunch/dinner.
Tadka, my favorite Indian restaurant of course!

While waiting for my meal Eri called again, this time from the bus, to say that maybe the flier was not the exact way she wanted it to be and should the pricing be different?
Me: Excuse me, but my meal is ready.
Eri: I will talk to you later.
Me: Later?
Eri: After your meal and before Osaka.
Me: I will talk to you tomorrow.
Eri: But…
Me: click
I sat down, had my first bite…then called Eri to say I would call her after my meal.
Had an outrageously fantastic lunch. Dai is the best chef of Indian cooking in Kansai. Period.

Called Eri from the super market, where I was grabbing dinner in the form of bananas and an acai drink. Things got straightened out.

So I arrived at the Shijo-Karasuma train station pretty early, which meant I could ride the train back to Kawaramachi, the last stop in Kyoto, and get a seat on the train down to Osaka to be able to do some work.
Perfect timing put me in the swankiest Hankyuu train in Kansai (see above photo). This train only stops at a total of 5 stations, which is the least amount of all of the Hankyuu trains. It is more of a tourist train. Thanks to my early timing I got to be a tourist. After arriving at Kawaramachi, the train parked for about 20-25 minutes.
I was able to luxuriate in this pause. The seat itself was designed well: a little wider than usual, solid wood frame, with just enough padding on the seat and back to make it quite comfortable.
Yoga Sutra II.46 is a very famous aphorism that states, “The seat is comfortably steadfast.”
I felt that way in that seat. I settled in, digested the fantastic meal I had and did a bit of work prepping materials for the upcoming TTC I begin next Friday.
The train ride was lovely. I felt quiet and spacious all the way.

The Osaka class was also “comfortably steadfast.” I felt settled and at ease and had a wonderful post-class chat with everyone.
Then home to clean up the house a bit before bed.

My day was a string of time upon which events, both small and not-so-small, hung like pearls on a necklace. When I think of the Yoga Sutra I also think of this same image. Sutra means string. Each word of each aphorism is like a beautiful and unique pearl. As those pearls are strung together there is a coherent string of meaning that begins to display itself and take the form of a necklace of sorts. When we can fully understand the meaning of any particular sutra, we become as if adorned with a necklace of understanding.

As understanding of the nature of reality and its denizens grows, that understanding bit by bit begins to generate a comfortable steadfastness. We become anchored into freedom.

That anchoring into freedom was the feeling that I had all day, because I was sitting in the most comfortably steadfast seat of myself.

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