A Pause

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Hair cut day!
The guy I go to is very nice, efficient and does a great job. During the wash-cut-wash process we exchange a little bit of casual conversation, but mostly I close my eyes while he works, the both of us in silence. I simply sit still while he does his work.

There is usually some music playing through his stereo, so my attention is at first drawn to the songs. But after a tune or two that usually drops away as well.

I cannot plan anything or add to my to do list. I cannot access my daily planner or computer or  iPod. Not even a book or magazine. I allow myself to not do and just be.

The only other time I have this opportunity is when I sit for meditation each day.

My time seated in the chair, listening to the hum of clippers and the snick-snick of scissors becomes a deep rest. Not sleep, though a couple times I have been ushered into momentary nods by the sounds of his work. When that has happened it has served as a wake-up call that I am propelling myself along in my life at a pace of overdoing.

All it takes is one moment of non-alertness to alter everything in life. I know. I have collided with life at times in ways that have changed everything. My own understanding from those times is that the collision is necessary.
It is only when we arise from the wreckage of almost that we recognize the value of what is.

The cut ends with a lovely head, neck and shoulder massage. Nothing fancy, only a couple of minutes, but he is skillful and it is a perfect ending to 45 minutes of no obligations.

I pay, walk outside. We exchange a brief farewell. Then I am on my bike, the warmth of the sun on my refreshed scalp, my mind settled. And alert. I face into the next moment and pedal my way back on to the road of doing.

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