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“To change with change is the changeless state.” ~ Bruce Lee

I read these words when I was in my early 20`s.
They come to mind often. Have even inspired one of my tattoos.
Most of us understand that everything changes. We are changing every moment of our life. Inside of our bodies cells are dying and being born over and over.
In the Shaiva Tantra teachings, one of the beliefs is that we are a completely different person in every moment. That every eye blink is the dissolution and rebirth of one`s personal reality.

How does one change with a change that is faster than the speed of thought?
It is not a question of willing ourselves into each change. Instead there is an abiding in the depths of one`s self that must be accomplished.

The core of each of us is an unchanging infinity of perfect order and harmony in which all possibilities are simultaneously existing and not existing. Because until a possibility is projected on to the screen of reality, it is only a possibility without any form but the idea itself.

When our awareness turns inward, there is a quiet and settling that happens as our senses are subsumed in the non-activity within us. Non-activity has the quality of a powerful aliveness, a great potency that can become a wellspring of inspirational creative expression.

To change with change without agitation or anxiety is done by abiding in that space of our self. When that happens there is a kind of connection to the underlying support of our entire being. We feel as if we are not running the show, so to speak. Instead we are being carried along by the temporal wave that our physical body has synchronized with. We are literally changing with the moment to moment change, which means we are in a changeless state. Through continuous adaptation by our awareness to the present life condition without struggle or resistance of any sort we create a high level of calm and settledness throughout the nervous system.

Changelessness is not a magic trick or a clever philosophical idea to impress people with or make ourselves feel good. It is the unchanging reality that lives in and as us.

To come into contact with that place gives the feeling that everything we are setting in motion is coming together in surprisingly effortless ways. There is still challenge, as there must be for growth to occur. But there is joy in the challenge as it is experienced as another natural part of the flow of our life.

As I watch the flow of my own life recently, the trials and joys that rise and dissolve, I am experiencing Bruce`s words a bit more. When I do there is a feeling of being part of a bigger flow that I am not simply being pulled by, but that I am directing as well.

We are each of us a being with the potential to change the course of our own life. We have the capacity to become the changeless one in the midst of any and all change.

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