To Dentist, With Gratitude

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Dentist Day!
It has been over a year and a half. Not because I was avoiding it.
I made an appointment last year the week prior to getting married, but in the frenzy of wedding and honeymoon preparations I completely forgot to go. And did not even realize it until a week later. Planned to go after the honeymoon but…

So then in February, while in San Francisco, a crown came out. No pain or discomfort so I did not rush to get in. When I went in today with the crown in hand I did not know I was in for a few surprises.

First, I have three cavities, one of which has progressed a bit and because of the location it cannot simply be drilled out and filled. Instead it is going to require half a crown on the tooth.

Second, because of the time lag from the breaking off of the crown, the core which holds the crown on has bent a bit. This means the old crown is not able to be reattached because it cannot be placed on the bent core.

The dentist told me that to build a new crown that fits perfect will cost $400!
I instead opted for a temporary crown, which was no cost though I did have to pay for a new core to replace the bent core. No pain or discomfort, but I have to be careful about chewing hard food with that temporary crown. Flossing also has the risk of knocking the temporary crown off.

I feel that the missed appointment last year was a chance to discover the cavities prior to them getting bad. Not going in for the crown immediately after returning from California contributed to a new temporary crown having to be fashioned.

I was not paying enough attention to or placing enough priority on the cleaning of my teeth. I had grown lax in a habit that I had been enthusiastically engaged with.

In my daily Yoga practices I am usually extremely diligent. I take care to mindfully do my practices and study in an intelligent way that supports growth and nurtures wellbeing. I do my daily practices with an intention to prevent injury and diminish suffering.

But I still have blind spots. There are still things that I need to bring into clearer focus. The problem with my teeth is indicative of my selective focus and the minimizing of certain aspects of myself that should have more priority.

Where am I making preparations to do something yet get sidetracked and forget about that thing? What daily needs am I minimizing the need to maintain?

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