Who am I?

Good question. The most recent iteration below.

I am a student and teacher of Yoga. Yoga is not an accoutrement for me to display, but rather the path I have chosen to live.

I entered the arena of Yoga in tandem with martial arts, at the tail end of a career as a heavy metal vocalist. From my beginning studies in Philadelphia I moved to San Francisco. There I spent six years diving deep into practice and study, guided by a succession of intelligent, gifted teachers in a variety of styles and my own daily study and practice. This led to an entry into an initiatory study of non-dual Shaiva Tantra, Indian philosophy and meditation with Paul Muller-Ortega. In 2008 I made a Hanuman leap to Kyoto, Japan, where I am the co-owner and Yoga Director of studio BiNDU, nestled in the quiet back streets of a cultural center of Kyoto.

Who am I

In my 20 years investigating the myriad practices and teachings of Yoga, my practice and teaching have become an ever-evolving organic expression of my intention to assist people in re-discovering ease in their body, stillness in their mind and the inherent creative power and beauty of the awakened heart.

For me, Yoga is Life, and Life is both an experiential practice and a practice of relationship. I feel it is through our experiences that we have the moment to moment opportunity to improve our relationship to ourselves, our environment and others. Through that growth, without effort we can begin to experience ourselves as more grounded, spacious and at home in our own precious Life.